Relevant IMS Services

Relevant Networks, a Michigan based company, has created the Internet Management Service (IMS) to allow store managers to focus on doing business and not having to worry about internet issues. This Internet Management Service (IMS) provide your store with backup Internet services when your main internet provider is down so your store will not miss out on a credit or cash card sale. And . . . you will not have to deal with figuring out why the Internet is not working!

Give Relevant Networks a call at 616-929-0899 and find out how you can have this inexpensive service installed in your store.

Relevant IMS Is Perfect For:

Gas Stations

Coffee Shops

Pizza Parlors

Fast Food Restaurants

Ice Cream Shoppes

Oil Change Shops

Grocery Stores


Retail Stores & Shops

Failover Internet services via cell technology


Network separation and firewalls to aid in PCI compliance


Monitoring by fully trained, Michigan based, ready to help Relevant Networks Technicians

Separate network connections for POS Systems, public WiFi and other store products

Wireless access point for public WiFI included!

New store start up option when no Internet is available

Can be customized to meet store needs

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